Build a Website – Joomla Website Training Course


The demand from online shoppers are increasing rapidly and with that demand, so is the use of smartphones and tablets. Let’s do the math quickly, if you have a website and you are selling online from your eCommerce website, but your website is not responsive or optimized for mobile devices or tablets, you will lose business. Likely I don’t have a online eCommerce website, so my business would not be affected, right? Wrong. The average person checks their phone nearly 150 times per day, mostly browsing the internet or are on social platforms or chatting away with friends.

A smartphone has changed the way in which the average person goes about finding information, might it be about a local restaurant , lodge, movies, car shopping or just browsing through various Blogs. If your website is not mobile or tablet friendly, your competition will start to gain the upper hand if they have a responsive website.


3 Reasons why normal Website Design Training Courses do not cut it anymore. 

Just having a Website is not enough anymore. 

A couple of years ago, it was easy to build a website and find a decent niche market without a lot of competition, and you would receive business from your website. Today, the online markets are growing and expanding rapidly, and people are reaping the rewards from their online businesses, but for some the competition is fierce and competitive for the ever talked about Page ONE Google Ranking. Normal website training courses tend to teach you how to build a website, with might require you to learn HTML or CSS coding.

That is great, if you have the time not only to learn, but to fully understand and excel with them. You need to build a website without hassle and then actually need to Manage, Market and Automate your pyrographies loans online business and repeat to stay ahead. This sounds like a lot of work, if you have to go through trail and error it is. We have done that, so you only need to complete our Joomla Website Training Course and stat to reap the rewards. 

If Google greenshank loans gives you an indication, you listen. 

As we emphases above, normal website training courses show you how to build a website, but what about the rest? With 67% search market share, when Google speaks, you need to listen. Google stated that responsive website design (RWD) is their recommended mobile configuration. Google even went as far as to refer to outridden loans responsive web design as the industry best practice.

This is for a couple of reasons, but their approach has always been to accommodate their online searchers and provide relevant and quality search results. If you design a website using the responsive website design elements which we teach you, you would only have to worry about updating one website for all devices. This helps Google to crawl, index and organize content from one HTML source and one URL. No wonder they refer to responsive website design as the industries best practice. 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

If you cannot Build a Website after completing this Joomla Training Course, we will Refund your Money.


We teach you to Build a Responsive Website and how to Build an Online Business.

Simple. Quick. FREE Discount.

Responsive Website Designs are easier to Manage. 

Normally you had to build a website and you also had to build a mobile website, to make things easy for your visitors to find and navigate throughout your website without having to zoom in and out, or scroll to the left and right. You also had to implement different SEO campaigns for your two different URLs.

There are some advantages in having a mobile strategy with your local keyword campaigns on your mobile friendly website, but it is very time consuming having to update one website on two or three different URL’s to function on different devices. We teach you to focus on getting everything right  so that it works on all devices, which would save you a lot of time.

“If you have something that you don’t want anyone to know maybe you shouldn’t’t be doing it in the first place” 

– Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman and former CEO

What will you learn in the Build a Website Course?

  • Course Introduction and Online Business Planning.
  • Website Design Fundamentals.
  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Landing Page.
  • Domains and Website Hosting.
  • cPanel Navigation and E-Mail Account Creation.
  • Installing the Worlds Number #1 CMS.
  • Installing Website Templates and Template Design Overview.
  • Creating Content oeconomus loans for your Website.
  • Creating Main, Vertical and Footer Menus.
  • FTP Client Installation and Access to Website Files.
  • Creating Search Engine Friendly (SEF) URL’s.
  • Access to FREE Graphics Editing Software.
  • Changing Website Template Logos.
  • Optimizing your Images for Faster Load Times.
  • Adding an Image dominated loans Slider to your Website.
  • Creating Custom Contact Forms for your Website.
  • Implementing Google Maps on your Website.
  • Creating Website Tables.
  • Creating Website Buttons with Hover-Over Effects.
  • Adding oxidational loans an Image Gallery.
  • Creating a Blog with a Comments Component.
  • Creating a Members Only Area for your Website.
  • Creating a Google Analytics Account.
  • Implementing an Analytics Tracking Code on your Website.
  • Setting Goals in Google Analytics.
  • Accessing your Website Traffic Analytics.
  • Implementing Social Media Icons on your Website.
  • Joomla Updates and Website Backups.


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